Thursday, November 01, 2007

Screaming Demons

I'm not sure where my son gets it from, but for some reason he insisted on being something "spooky" for this Halloween.

So, I took him to the Halloween store, and let him pick out whatever he wanted. He ended up grabbing the robe the killer wears in "Scream", but he didn't want the matching mask. Instead, he asked if I could buy paint to make him look like a demon.

A demon? Where did he get THAT from? Maybe he's been peeking in my DVD collection.

At any rate, because he was a demon, and he was wearing a Scream costume, somehow he decided to tell everyone he met yesterday that he was a "screaming demon".

Anyway, here's the little screaming demon in all his demon-ness (along with his all-chick posse....)

And here he is with Brad Pitt. How did THIS picture get in there?

Oh yeah, it's me. My mistake..

I think that this picture is particularly awesome, because any first year art student will tell you that the dual imagery between my son's spookiness and my general hotness creates a compelling masterpiece.

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Mrs. Hall said...

hee hee, spookiness vs. hottness. hee hee hee