Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Give That Kid A Toy...

And I’m sure I WILL be, because I’m a sucker like that…

I had to go to my son’s school last night, to pick up some boxes of crap that he sold through one of the school’s fundraisers, and while I was there I thought it would be fun to take a walk by his classroom, since they usually have a lot of pictures of the kids posted on the walls.

So when I get to the room, I notice that they have tacked up around the door, big crayon drawings of “Things we are Thankful for”.

Each kid wrote a quick sentence about what they are thankful for, along with a picture.

So I start scanning for where my son’s might be….

“I’m thankful for my sister…” . Nope, not that one…

“I’m thankful for my pony…” Not that one either, but damn I think I want to be THAT damn kid….

“I’m thankful for the leaves in Fall..”, Strike three. Who the hell is THIS kid? Ralph Waldo Emerson?

Finally, I found it, at the end of the line.

(If I had been smart enough to take a snapshot of the picture with my cell phone, this would have been a good spot to show it to you all, but I honestly got all veklempt and didn’t even think to do it…)

But there it was……..

“I am thankful for my daddy”.

Then he drew a picture of two people sitting on a couch playing a Wii.

Just when I think I have seen it all, this kid can puncture my heart with a twinkle of his eyes…

I came home that night and gave the little guy the biggest of hugs.

Like I said, I think this weekend we need to take another trip to Toys R Us……

The little dude knows EXACTLY how to wrap me around his little finger…

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