Thursday, November 15, 2007

Does Whatever A Spider Can

So, remember when I mentioned last time that my son's birthday was last week?

Well, he got a ton of presents. I mean a fucking TON. He's been in little-boy bliss ever since, ripping open one box of crap, playing with it for an hour, then chucking it aside to rip right into another.

Anyway, one of the toys he got were Spiderman/Green Goblin walkie talkies. They are basically 1 foot dolls, that when you speak into their chests they double as a walkie talkie.

So, I walk downstairs for breakfast this morning, and what do I spy with my little eye on the kitchen table?


Did the kid HAVE to lay them out like that?

I stared at them for few minutes, transfixed by the dolls positioning.

Is there a way you can POSSIBLY look at that and tell me that it doesn't look like the Goblin is giving a right buggering to our friendly (apparently too friendly) neighborhood Spiderman?

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

But, never one to not take a chance to beat a dead horse, and much to my wife's embarrassment, here is how I spent the next 10 minutes, all the while cackling like a loon....

I'd like to think that Spidey would be manly enough to be the top in the relationship.

If I admit that I spent 5 minutes trying to position them to get the angle "right" before taking this picture, does that make me gay?

The artistic side of me particularly likes the way Spiderman's outstretched fist shows his masculine virility, while he pounds away at the Green Goblin atop a not-so-manly box of Ritz Bits.

Is it wrong of me to do things like this with my child's toys? Because right now, I'm seeing a differing set of opinions.

I see it as funny as Hell.

My wife thinks I'm an asshole.

You decide.

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Mrs. Hall said...

you have to reprint this, omg!

so funny!