Monday, October 29, 2007

We Don't Need Another Hero

My friends, I think I may have watched my last episode of Heroes.

I tried. I REALLY tried. But now, after nearly 1 and a half seasons, I am just NOT digging this show.

This one really hurts to take off my viewing schedule. There aren't too many comic book geeks who have been around longer than me, so last summer, when I heard about a new show that was supposed to be an 'adult' look at superheroes in the modern world, I thought I died and went to fan-boy heaven.

But the more I watch this show, the sillier and sillier it gets.

What REALLY drives me batty about this show is, just about EVERY damn person I know frigging LOVES IT! People that I swore would watch 15 minutes of this and turn the channel tell me they are hooked for life, and for the life of me, I just can't figure out why.

Anyway, I slowly have been trying to wean Earl off the supposed charms of this show, and I think my anti-Heroes mojo is finally starting to work on him. He told me today that he will, like me, NOT be watching Heroes tonight, and that he is done with it as well.

I'd LIKE to believe that, but Earl is notorious for giving me the old loopdy-loo of saying one thing and doing another. I think he takes pleasure from it.

But that is no matter. I, ladies and gentlemen, am sticking to my guns.

Tonight, I will NOT watch Heroes.

Of course, I just checked Tivo and it looks anything else I usually watch tonight is NOT on, so maaaaybe I'll give it just one more week to redeem itself to me and become the kind of super-hero show I KNOW it could be.

I just wont embarrass myself and tell Earl.


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