Thursday, September 27, 2007


Anyone who has come here for any amount of time knows I am a HUGE Survivor fan.

I simply LOVE the show, and any arguments about how lame or gay it is, will fall upon deaf ears when they are voiced in my direction.

I really do dig the show. I have not missed an episode of it since the 1st episode aired 7 seasons ago.

I dig it SO much, that I auditioned, and came close to being considered, for Survivor 3, which was set in Africa, and is generally considered to be the most physically demanding and brutal season in the show's history.

Not making the final cut stung a little, but this summer, upon hearing that they would again be putting the physical screws to the cast, this time in China (the first U.S. show ever to tape there), I just HAD to again put in my application.

This time around, however, I didn't even get a call.

What could have happened? I am still just as funny, studly, and hot as I was the first time (and don't forget humble)!

What could have possibly changed?

I'll tell ya what....

Meet Ashley.

Ashley, a WWE Wrestler, is a contestant on Survivor this season. She also happens to be from West Babylon, Long Island, just like little ol' me. Survivor is notorious for not letting people who live geographically close to each other get on the same season, so as to minimize the chance of people knowing each other before they get to the show.

Once they picked miss Amazonia here, there was little chance for me to get on this season....
Oh, did I say that she was on Survivor? Let me correct myself.

She just got booted off on the second week!

That's right. She couldn't keep her fool mouth shut, and her tribe up and gave her the boot.

Instead of having a dud that lasted only 2 weeks, they could have had ME, dammit! ME!

I bet the head honchos at CBS are really kicking themselves for not picking me now......

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