Thursday, September 20, 2007

School Daze

My son started Kindergarten last week.

I have joked around about it a lot to friends, but the truth is, I really can't believe that my son is headed off to school already.

It seems cliché, but it really DOES seem like just yesterday that he was just a little cute bundle of spittle and poo, needing us for every single thing in his life.

Then last week we just walked him to school. My little man didn't complain one bit, and he LOVES IT! He's made a ton of friends already, and he genuinely looks forward to it each morning.

I thought, when he'd finally have to let go of my hand, and head for the classroom on his own, that I'd get all emotional up in da' place, but cool dude that I am, I kept my cool.

It was ok. Better yet, it felt right. I just waved to him with a smile, and sent him off.

And he smiled and waved back, and didn't look back as he started this new chapter of his life.....
Of course Angela was crying like a baby who just lost her favorite Telletubby, putting pretty much all eyes on the room on us (I mean, people were emotional, but NO ONE was bawling like my wife was), I pretty much just deftly diffused the situation by running out the door and heading off to work.

Anyway, some pics....

As you can see, my son is extremely shy and hesitant about his first day.

I just don't know where he gets this smartass attitude from....

Within 5 minutes, he already had a posse

Us walking the green mile (school is only 2 blocks away) on day 1....

Well, that's ONE hurdle over with. Only 16 or so more years of this shit to go.....

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Mrs. Holly Hall said...

killing me with the photos of your son, keeeeelllliiiinnnngggg mmmeeeee