Sunday, September 02, 2007

My New Toy

This isn't exactly breaking news, since I bought this for myself last month, but I thought I'd finally put up a picture of it for posterity.

I don't switch cars very often, so a new car is always a big deal for me. This brand spankin' new Pontiac G6 replaces my old 97 Sebring convertible, which I truly loved, but I had to finally admit that It's time had come and gone.

So far, the G6 is a dream. Plus It's a hardtop convertible, which will undoubtedly hold up a Hell of a lot better to NY winters than my old cloth top convertible did. When I traded it in last month, the Sebring's top had been pretty shredded from all the winters that it went thru.

Anyway, the feeling and smell of "new"ness still permeates my car like one one of those little Christmas tree air freshioner thingies, so I am still in new-car bliss....

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