Sunday, September 23, 2007


This post is long past due, but better late than never, I say!

Badgerdaddy, Earl, and myself have started up a brand spankin' new blog. It's badger's brainchild, but from the beginning, when he first mentioned it to me, I thought it was a smashing idea.

Basically, we provide you, the unwashed and ignorant masses, with a steady stream of movie reviews for your perusal.

We differ from most movie sites, however, because we will only review movies that truly and wholeheartedly SUCK. I mean really blow.

Basically, if you see we have reviewed it, it means you should NEVER be caught watching it.

"We throw ourselves on the worst movie grenades – so you don't have to." I believe badger has trademarked that already, so back the Hell up!

Between badger, Earl and myself, we have probably seen every movie in the known universe (and half of the ones throughout the galaxy.. although I haven't checked out any films from Alpha Centari yet), so you all should be pretty well covered from here on out...

No need to thank us... just send donations...

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