Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We All Float Down Here....

Somewhere deep in the sea, there is a fish Post Office with my picture on the wall.
Current Tally: Slyde 0. Dead fish 3.

Ok, the last time I spoke about our fish situation, I was off to the pet store to get Harry the goldfish a new fishbowl, some greenery, pebbles, a toy, and a friend.

We came home with all of the above. The 2nd goldfish that was supposed to keep Harry company was an $8 Calico goldfish that my son named Luce (pronounced "loose"). For eight damn dollars I could have bought approximately 2,000 Harry's, but whatever.

All was well in the world of the fishbowl until, oh I don't know, THE NEXT DAY, when I came home to discover Harry had gone to that great Quidditch game in the sky.

Joey actually took it ok, but then said that now Luce needed a friend. So the next day, back to the petstore we go. After the salesman-with-the-patience-of-a-saint walking us thru the store for over 30 minutes, and my son picking out everything from a $150 dollar sunfish to an octopus, we finally settled on a 25 cent goldfish that he named "Big Luck". I'm sure the salesmen thought his time was well spent as that 25 cent (27 with tax) sale went out the door.

Well, Big Luck's name should have been "No Luck", since he went belly-up in the tank 4 days later.

The final Coup de Gras to this whole sad, nautical endeavor happened over the weekend when Luce swam with the fishes (wait, what?).

Anyway, we've had three fishy funerals in 2 weeks and I am emotionally devastated by the whole experience.

Actually, I'm just tickled pink that I don't have to clean out that smelly fishbowl anymore.

At least, until Joey turns on the puppy dog eyes and drags me to the pet store again......

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