Thursday, July 12, 2007

Things That Mean Nothing - June 2007

Is it lame that I am soooo lazy that I haven’t run last months “Things” till the middle of the next month, or a merely a sign that I am just a sizzling hot stud? I’ll let you all decide…….

Anyway, below are some of the more interesting things that people searched the internet for last month, and ended up here….

we need girlfriends
Rock on!

pee emergencyKid Pee Emergencypee emergenciespee his pants
Ok, each month I filter out all the dirty, “naked” searches, not because I’m offended or anything, but because quite frankly they dominate the list each month. It’s starting to look like “pee-pee” is the next thing I should filter out.

abby sciuto tattoo
Ah, god love Abby…

andrew likes to
To WHAT? The suspense is killing me!

andrew plays with his pee pee
Yes, I do, but we only show THOSE pictures on my other website, and that one costs $19.99 /month…..

big earls ameture night
Isn’t this just about EVERY night, where Earl’s concerned?

chris daugtry nude
Who the hell wants to see this? I think this search is directly related to Big Earl’s ametuer night.
how to build a contraption

Another popular search…
rasta man

I keep getting these too….
samberg snl watcha say

Ah, one of my favorite skits this season on Saturday Night Live….

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