Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's Not, Is It?

So, my son wakes me up last night at 4 A.M. by yelling, "Daddy, it's an emergency! Come quick!".

Now, normally when I get this call in the middle of the night, it usually translates to "Daddy, I'm about 10 seconds away from wetting the bed, get me to the bathroom!".

I get to his room to find him wide awake, sitting up in bed. "What's wrong?", I ask, thinking I already know the answer.

"Daddy, I have to ask you a question.", he says.

"Ok, shoot".

"Daddy, Is Roast Beef a drink?"

"I did NOT just hear that.", I think.


"Daddy, Is roast beef a drink? I need to know".

"No, Joe. Roast Beef is a food"

"Oh, good", he says. And with that, plops back down onto his pillow, literally right back to sleep.

This morning, he denies the whole incident ever took place.

I KNOW it did, because I was neither drunk nor high last night.

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