Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fun & Sun

I've been back from my Domincan Republic vacation for over a month, and I'm just NOW downloading the pictures from my digital camera? Can I be THAT lazy?
Apparently so.
Anyhoo, let's see what pics I can put up here to embarrass myself.....
The View from our room. Why my son is Wearing my wife's slippers for gloves Is something we'll deal with in therapy a few years from now.
Outside our Condo
The Place Was Huge! We had to take a train to get around the compound.
My son listening respectfully when I told him he had to go to bed soon.
Those were NOT my girl drinks on the table. (ok, not ALL of them...)
A chip off the ol' block. Here Joey picks up some drunk chick at the bar...
The next morning. He slept till noon and to this day refuses to talk about the night before...
One of the pools (or about 1/3 of it, anyway... it was HUGE!)
I am one smokin' hot son of a bitch........
Joey completely Ok with the fact when I told him that we cant live in "Spanish-ville" forever....
Smoking a Cuban (that sounds dirty). And no, that is not my purse..
I am as hot on the sea as I am on land. How do I do it? Mirrors?
The kids found this baby lizard on the beach.
Lizard's total life expectancy after this picture was taken? About 2 minutes.
It wasn't my favorite vacation ever, but damn was a whole hell of alot better then sitting in my office.......

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