Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Chocolate Rain

Yeah, I know that would be a good name for a Porno, but that’s not what I’m gonna talk about.

I love listening to Opie and Anthony, 2 local disc jockeys here in New York. Often getting compared to “The King of All Media”, Howard Stern (which is funny because they hate each other), these two Long Island natives have amassed a large audience here in the Tri-State area, and now that they have a show on XM-Radio (which I actually get in my new car… one day ill have to put up a post about that), they are getting national exposure.

Anyway, they do this recurring bit where they find what they consider to be a truly God-Awful song, and play it over and over on the radio until the damned tune gets stuck in your head. They have done this stunt many times, but it has never stuck.

Until now.

Meet Tayzonday.

O & A found this little gem 2 weeks ago, and began to play this tune incessantly. I couldn’t freaking stand it!

I was doubly pissed when I found myself, at work 2 days later, humming the damn tune to myself.

The idiot song had gotten into my head. Damn you, Opie!

Anyway, much to my glee, I was scouting out Youtube this weekend, and what do I see as one of the biggest movies of the day, but our own little Tayzonday and his live studio cut of Chocolate Rain.

This video makes the song such much better. I really have no more words…. Just watch.

I ………cannot………….look………………away.

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