Friday, June 08, 2007

Things That Mean Nothing - May 2007

Howdy folks.

Since my fever has finally started to break, and I can actually keep my head up for more than literally 10 minutes at a clip without me crashing to the floor, I figured that I might as well use my doctor-imposed exile here at the house productively, and do some posting.

I know, I haven't done this in quite awhile. For you newbies, I used to collect all the keywords that people used in their search browsers like Yahoo and Google for the month, and ended up finding us here at Slydesblog.

"Things That Mean Nothing" used to be one of my favorite posts each month, but as time went on (and I spurred it on. I KNOW, Earl!), most of the entries became queries of just about any actress I have ever mentioned here, naked. It was funny at first, but as time went on the naked queries just dominated the list, and the joke got old fast.

So, I took a little hiatus, and it appears that the nakedness is gone again. Not totally, but enough to make doing this funny to me again.

So, here for your viewing pleasure, are some of the funnier things people searched for last month and ended up finding us:

build a contraption game
building a contraption
how to build a contraption
make a contraption
Apparently Joey's Mad Scientist skills are making waves all over the internet.

grandfater fuck grandmaster
Even spelled correctly, I don't ever want to see this.....

kissing mirror

licensing fees dungeons
Now I'm getting the S&M crowd. At least their entrepreneurial S&Mers....

my slyde

Great. I have a fucktard for a new reader who can't spell "slideshow"

we need girlfriends
Rock on!

zombie cup holder
Is this for real? I've gotta get me one of those fuckers....

pee emergencies
pee emergency
Another overlooked demographic. Welcome!

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