Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wii Have A Problem...

So, I took some time off today to accompany my son to a school outing. The local high school chorus put on a 1 hour show just for the nursery school kids.

I get him there, and there are about 100 seniors there, on stage in the chorus. Also there are the conductor/teacher, and about another dozen or so adults & faculty.

The audience is composed solely of the 15 or so kids in my son's nursery school, and the half dozen parents and teachers who accompanied them. Cleary, this show was meant just for the kids.

So they begin. The teacher introduces herself to the kids, and talks in that baby-talk speech that only parents get to know so well. In her defense, she was VERY nice and the kids were enjoying themselves.

To start the show, she begins by explaining to the wee ones that all these singers chose to sing in the chorus as an activity. She goes on to say explain to the kids that, when they get big, they can choose whatever activities they want: singing, sports, it's all up to them.

She then goes on to ask the kids, "So, does anyone here play any sports?"

Much to my surprise, Joey puts his hand up and yells out, "I do!".

At this point I'm looking at him like he has 2 heads. My son has NOT really been into sports yet, and at the rate of his general disinterest in going out and even kicking a ball around, I'm not sure he ever will be.

So his sudden admission of being a sports fan was more than a little surprising to me.

"Oh, good for you!", the teacher exclaims. "What kind of sports do you like to play?"

At this point my son stands up and yells out, "I play Wii Boxing, Wii Tennis, Wii Bowling, Wii Baseball, and Wii Golf!"

The place then goes into literally 5 minutes of hysterics as the high schoolers laugh their asses off and applaud. His delivery really brought the house down.

Meanwhile the whole time the teacher is staring at Joey, then at me, trying to pretend like she thinks its funny too, but looking at me with these pleading eyes which clearly said to me, "What the Fuck is a Wii?"

My son is only 4 and I already see myself getting many calls from future school principles.

I'd like to finish by asking where the Hell he gets the attitude from, but I think we BOTH know the answer to THAT one....

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