Tuesday, May 08, 2007

If You Like Pina Coladas

And I do. Oh yes, I do.

I also like margaritas, mudslides, fuzzy navels, toasted almonds, and just about any other girl-drink that mankind has concocted.

I drink the hard stuff too, for sure, but when I am on vacation, I basically slurp down anything that comes near me with a swizzle straw, little umbrella, or is served in a coconut.

Yes, when I am relaxing on vacation, I am a Girl-Drink Drunk.

And relaxing on vacation is exactly where I'll be, starting tomorrow.

Heading on down to the Dominican Republic for a week to see just how dark I can get this hot-blooded Sicilian skin of mine.

I won't promise that there will be stories of excessive gambling and general drunken silliness when I get back next week, but it's a pretty damn good bet.

See? I'm betting already! It's a sickness, I tells ya!

Anyway, be good people. I'll catch up with ya'll next week.

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