Sunday, April 29, 2007

We Need Girlfriends

Yes, I know. My lazy ass hasn't posted anything in a week.

I have a good reason for that.

Like I said, my ass is lazy.

Mind you, I'm not lazy when it comes to important stuff, like playing the new Lord of The Rings Online game, or trying to finish Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz on my Wii (finally finished it this week... take that Bee-otches!), but when it comes to updating you all on the generally awesome goings-on of my life, I tend to fall a bit short.

It's not all video game playing either that is taking up so much of my time. This weekend I was out with friends until late Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights (and different friends all 3 nights... holy crap am I popular!). Plus I have been planning for my awesome 2 week trip HERE that I will be leaving for on May 10th. So cut me a little slack, ok?

On a totally unrelated note, I just had to share my latest YouTube find with you all.

The video below is from a young group of guys that call themselves Ragtag Productions, and it is one of the best series on YouTube.

We Need Girlfriends tells the really funny story of 3 friends who live together, who have all been recently dumped, learning to live together, trying to find new significant others, and all sorts of crazy shit in between.

I LOVE these guys. These videos are professionally produced, and the acting is really superb. Plus they are local boys. Each episode is filmed right in Queens, NY.

Check out Episode 1, below. I'll probably link to a new episode (they currently have 6) every few days or so. Yes, you could look them up yourselves, but just chill and let me do it this way, k? It will help build up the anticipation....

Plus this way I'll have something to write about for the next few weeks.

I think that this episode is probably the weakest of the bunch, but they had to set up the characters, which always tend to make pilot episodes to be on the slower side. I think that each episode gets better and better.

These guys rock! I'm eagerly awaiting episode 7.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

MMMM, Watcha Say?

Well, I'm not really up on my bible studies these days, but I'm pretty sure that I remember reading somewhere that, if Saturday Night Live ever did TWO funny skits in the same season, it was a sign of the Apocalypse.

Well, run for cover, boys and girls, because it's about to start raining frogs.
Andy Samberg, the newest and youngest member of SNL, continues to make some of the funniest stuff seen on the show in years.

If he keeps this up, Lorne Michaels should be right on track to be firing him any day now...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I Like To Do WHAT?

Thanks to Kat for continuing to put up cool stuff on her site, so I can just blatantly rip it off and post it here. It makes my life much easier. If I keep doing shit like this, I might even be able to update more than once a week.

Anyway, this is pretty fun.

Go to GOOGLE, and type in " likes to " and gaze in wide wonder at all the funny shit that pops up.....

Some of my favs....

"Andrew likes to play basketball and computer games, so he enjoyed making this website." - Well, they got the computer games part right, anyway....

"As you might have guessed, Andrew likes to keep an eye on his hardware." - How did they know? I always keep the shades drawn....

"In his spare time, Andrew likes to go to the nearby beaches to go swimming or snorkelling with his girlfriend" - 100% true, but don't tell my wife....

"Andrew likes to keep a journal detailing the expansion and discoloration of the dark circles under his eyes " - What the fuck?

"Good thing Andrew likes to wrestle!" - Yeah really! Thank God!

"Andrew likes to fuck with misplaced seriousness, among other things." - I'm not smart enough to understand if this really IS how I fuck or not....

"Andrew likes to spit up a lot but he is gaining weight sufficiently." - Again, fucking DEAD-ON!

There are a ton of others, but you get the idea.... What do you guys come up with?

Monday, April 09, 2007

They Never Taught THIS In Sunday School

Is this a true representation of how everyone spends their Easter?

If it is, I went to the wrong Sunday School.....

Unfunny Edit: DAMMIT! These jackoffs are screwing with the video. It keeps working, and then not. It may work for you, it may not. But it was funny, I swear!

Friday, April 06, 2007


So, once again, the little devil eternally on my shoulder that I call Earl, coerced me to sneak out of work at noon today to go see Grindhouse, the new kick-ass film by Robert Rodrigues and Quentin Tarrantino.

Admittedly, it wasn't much of a coercion. I have been slobbering over myself for the past 6 months in fanboy anticipation of this film.

Let me tell you; It did not fucking disappoint.

The first movie, Planet Terror, was Rodrigues' take on a modern-day Zombie movie, and any longtime Slydesblog fan knows that my pants get tight for any and all things Zombie.

The second movie, done by Tarrantino, entitled Death-Proof, was very odd, and I wasn't sure I was digging it at all, until the last 15 minutes pretty much made the rest of it completely worthwhile.

So, playing hooky was worth it. I even got to make Earl pee his pants.

We bought some popcorn and sodas from the concession stand, and made our way into the theatre. I take my jacket off, place my drink in the seat-cup-holder-thingy, and begin to sit down, when I can't help but hear a "tinkling" noise on the floor.

I look around, but see nothing. I ask Earl what the noise is, but he tells me he doesn't hear a thing.

So, thinking I am hearing things, I return to my seat, only to hear the tinkling noise getting louder. It is then that I look down to see that my soda cup has a small hole in the bottom, and Pepsi is spraying out all over me, and the floor.

So, with Earl thinking this is the funniest fucking thing since sliced bread, I panic like a little girl, grab the cup, and run to take it outside.

I'm not sure what I planned to do with the damn thing once I GOT it outside, but outside I went.

I guess as I'm walking, the flimsy paper cup gets an even BIGGER hole, and now this 2,000 ounce Big-Gulp monstrosity is spraying Pepsi like Old Faithfull.

So, here I am, running across the theatre lobby, trying to make it to the concession stand, holding this spewing mess in my hand like I am a bomb squad expert racing to get a ticking nuclear bomb to minimum safe distance before it blows....

I felt like an idiot. But the absolute worst was the fact that as I was running out of the theatre, I was moving in the opposite direction of about 1,000 people going IN.

After giving me a wide birth like I was the Elephant man, each one of them felt the need to look after me and say, "Hey, your soda's leaking".

Hey, thanks for that, jackass. I hadn't noticed the spewing geyser of brown liquid exploding all over my pants. I swear, I must have heard "Your soda's leaking" about 30 times before I got to the counter.

Anyway, after toweling myself off and getting another soda, I got to listen to Earl cackling like a loon for the next 10 minutes until the movie started.

I would have been pretty peeved if not for the fact that the movie was so fucking rad.