Tuesday, March 13, 2007

300 Rules

So, I'm at work on Friday, attempting to be a contributing member of society, when who happens to call upon me, but the lovely and talented Earl.

"What are you doing?", he says, all happy as a clam. (If he really was a clam, my guess is he'd be a piss-clam, but you'd have to head on over to his site to learn more about that....)

"Working", I say. "What do you think I'd be doing on a Friday afternoon?"

"Let's go see the new movie, 300!", says he.

"But I have to work! I can't be irresponsible and leave my job just to fulfill my basest fanboy fantasies and head out to watch a kick-ass "guy-movie"!"

"C'mon, who's gonna know?", he needles.


Cut to 20 minutes later, when I use the back entrance of my job to sneak out like a teenage girl after curfew and meet up with Earl to see 300.

My god, was it worth it.

That movie just completely rocked. If you like action movies, and don't mind blood and guts, and have a pair of testicles, I URGE you to skip work tomorrow and see this film.

Did I mention that I loved it?

And before Earl goes all "Misery" on me, screaming like a sissy-mary on the forums that things didn't go down EXACTLY like I described, let me cut you off at the pass and say that I used a TEENSY bit of literary licence. I'm just bitter that while I trudge off to work every day, you sit around watching Buffy re-runs while eating chicken-pot-pie in your underwear.

Allow me my small victory, if you please....

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