Monday, January 15, 2007


Pardon for the lack of posting the past few days, but what with a 3-day weekend here in the States (Martin Luther King day), I haven't really thought too much about blogging.


Lately, I have had a minor obsession with the SuDoko puzzle craze that has been hitting the world for the past 6 month or so. I only recently finally decided to sit down and try to see what all the fuss was about, and I have to say that it is Hella-addicting.

So today, I had decided to satiate my SuDuko obsession, and go to the local Toys R Us to buy an electronic Suduko game where I could plug into the TV and play it at home. As I take my $14.99 purchase to the counter I decide to throw out the question I have now asked pretty much every TRU employee once or twice a week for 2 months now.

"Do you happen to have any idea when you will be getting another Wii shipment in?"

Now, this is the point I am usually laughed at, and given a really rude answer to the question that this poor slob has been asked about every 10 minutes since he got to work that day.

But today, I got a shocking response:

"Do you want one? We have 2 left".

Holy Crap!

Needless to say, my crappy little SuDoku machine is probably still in the store, exactly where I dropped kicked it.

The Wii is a total pisser. I just took some video of my son playing the boxing game that should make the cyber-world collectively pee their pants. If I have some time this week, I'll try to convert it so I can throw it up on Youtube for ya'll.

So, I walked into Toys R Us expecting to spend 15 bucks, and walk out $250 lighter.... Story of my life.

But damn is it fun.

p.s. Don't hate me, Yasamin. I know you wanted one even more than I did. Keep the faith, sister. Your day will come (and if you can hightail it pronto to Long Island, the Massapequa TRU may still have one left.....)

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