Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Things That Mean Nothing - December 2006

I'm doing this kind of late this month, mostly because I spent last week discussing why my evil side is a chick with a big rack.

Anyway, we really exploded with people searching the web for us this month. Unfortunately, what people came here in record numbers for last month was once again nude pictures of Pauley -Name Removed - naked. But we had an upset this month. Instead of our usual second most searched-for item (Kim Director naked), the very lovely Survivor: Cook Islands hottie-boom-bottie Parvati took our number 2 spot, with a few hundred horny guys coming here trying to find her naked.

This month I'll spare you the complete listing of the 10,000 ways desperate men searched for these chicks naked, and just show ya some of the funnier searches.

chris daugtry
joey grandpa
pauley -Name Removed - 's tattoo gallery
survivor adam banana
survivor cook islands donkey raping
ozzie survivor nude
south park chef gif
buy a cool yamika

Now I'm sorry, there are some interesting searches on that list, but I can't seem to get my head around ONE of them...

"Survivor Cook Islands Donkey Raping?"

What the fuck, people? That is like, NINE different kind of ways of Wrong there. Who the Hell here is into THAT? (It's you, Badger, just fucking with me, isn't it?).

Anyway, Survivor seems to have been the big hit here this month, between nudie picks of Parvati, "adam's banana", and random donkey molestation.

And finally, "Buy a cool yamika"???

As if there were any other kind......

Until next month, peeps...

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