Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Things That Mean Nothing - October 2006

First off, thanks to everyone who emailed me about the forums being down the past 2 days.

That kind of sucked. I was afraid it was some kind of hacking thing, but apparently my hosting company put their doohickey in the wrong wachamacallit, and the forums fell down and went boom. At least, that’s the technical answer for it. I’m not sure any of you would better understand it if I dumbed it down a notch…..

Anyway, no Pomp and Circumstance this month... I decided to be totally lazy and not even take out the Pauley Perette naked stuff.

So, here for your viewing pleasure, are the top 20 internet searches for people who Googled and found Slydesblog:

pauley -Name Removed - nude
abby sciuto tattoo
parvati naked pics
pauley -Name Removed - naked
%22pauley -Name Removed - naked%22
abby sciuto fashion
are you a pretty boy
free eva mendez pics
its not over daugtry
list of weird phobias
naked pics of pauley perette
pauley perette
pauley perette nude
pauley -Name Removed - nude pics
slyde - adam
survivor parvati hot pics
survivor parvati pics
universal poo boy
universal poo boy slyde

Not too much to comment on here this month either. It IS interesting to note, however, that the Survivor reality show hottie Parvati is beginning to challenge the lovely Ms. Perette in the #1 naked spot.

Other notables:

- Are you a pretty boy? – Why yes I am! Thanks for noticing.

- Slyde – Adam - Why thank you. Most people call me an Adonis or Michael Angelo’s David, but not many have had the pure vision to reference me to Adam himself. I’m touched.

- Universal Poo Boy – Sigh. Just when I was getting all amped up about being thought of as the ultimate symbol of man, some losers have to reference me to doo-doo.

And my ego comes crashing back down to earth…….

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