Thursday, December 07, 2006

Survivor: Cook Islands - Weeks 10 & 11

I know, I know, no one gives a damn about this except me, but I’m in the final 7 now, so at least let me talk about it a bit, ok? Hey, a NEW post about something no one cares about is still better than NO new post, right?

Anyway, in week 10, the unstoppable team of 4, Yul, Ozzie, Becky, and Sundra finally merged with the bigger team of 5: Nathan, Adam (my guy), Parvati, Jonathan, and Candice.

Now I’m no mathematician, but one would think that, in a game of numbers, the team of 4 should lose to the team of 5, but apparently no one on Survivor knows a damn thing about math either.

In a brilliant play, Yul showed Jonathan the immunity idol, and told him that if he didn’t vote along with him, that he would use the idol to send Jonathan home that night. Jonathan, the only player this year with a brain, tried as hard as he could to “suggest” to his dumass tribemates how they should vote, but no one was having any of it, so Jonathan was forced to become the most hated player in all of Survivor history by backstabbing a large group of people AGAIN, voting with Yul and totally blindsiding a dumbfounded Nathan by sending him home.

With week 10’s surprise screwing, my dimwitted Survivor Adam finally started to see the writing on the wall, and told Yul that, although he knew he was now in the minority, both he, Parvati, and Candice would vote for Yul in the final tribal council, as long as Yul got rid of the backstabbing Jonathan next.

Yul, being quite possibly the smartest player I have ever seen play the game, didn’t pay them any heed and voted Candice’s sorry ass off in Week 11.

The real question now is: How much longer can my idiot Survivor Adam manage to stay on the island, now that the sides are 5 to 2 against him? My hope is that this week Yul finally has enough of Jonathan’s crap and sends him packing, giving Adam another week’s reprieve.

Hey, at this point that is the most I can hope for. The sad fact is that right now team Slyde isn’t looking so hot.

Slyde’s Current chance of winning – 7:1

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