Friday, December 22, 2006

SNL Was Funny Last Week. Wait, What?

I have been watching Saturday Night Live since it's very first season.

Back then, a little 8 year old Me would fight like Hell to stay awake so I could catch the weekly antics of the Coneheads, Mr. Bill, and Rosanna Danna Danna.

The show has had more ups and downs than Space Mountain in the last 30 years, and for sure the last few seasons have seen more bad weeks than good, but this past week I almost peed myself with this one.

For those that didn't catch it, Justin Timberlake was the host, and much like when he amazed me the first time he hosted 2 years ago by actually being really funny, he again hit the mark, especially with the skit below.

I'm not sure how long NBC is going to allow Youtube to host this (they are notorious for forcing Youtube to pull all their copyrighted stuff), but if you can't click the link below, then the evil forces of corporate America have already smacked down the little man and removed the content.

But if it still works when you click it...........Dammit, isn't that funny?

Unfunny Edit: Sigh - It's already been removed, which makes this whole post a waste of time. Damn, you NBC!

Edit # 2: I found another link to it! NBC can't stop me! Damn the man, save the empire! Click below!

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