Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Little Help Here, Please....

So, I'm looking thru my monthly stats for the site (getting nice big numbers this month, by the way.. thanks guys!), and I come across a large number of hits this month from a site that I have never heard of before.

Of course I have to surf there to see just WHO linked to me and WHY, and what to my amazement do I see there?

A picture of my son.


This kinda freaks me out a little bit. The site is obviously in Italian, but seems to be written in a dialect that my little Sicilian butt can't seem to figure out (which isn't too surprising, since, even though I can understand Sicilian pretty well when spoken to, my ability to answer back is pretty much limited to small phrases, and curses. Ask me how I'm feeling in Sicilian, and I'm likely to reply, "Fine, thanks. Go Fuck Yourself!".)

My guess is that it is from one of the more Northern dialects, but every attempt that I have made on the web with a Italian-to-English translator have come up as mostly gibberish.

It's obviously some sort of commentary on Narcissism, but I'd LOVE to know exactly what is being said.

My wife is kinda freaked out that some stranger is using a picture of my son on their website, but I honestly take it as a compliment. My big question to the poster is, "How the HELL did they find that picture when searching the internet for narcissism in the first place?"

But, since I can't even make out what the heck they are saying, my odds of getting to even ask that question to the poster are pretty slim at best. I can't even find an email address on the site.

So, my pantheon of Slydesbloggers from all over the globe:

Help me out here. What the Hell is this website taking about?

A big wet, open-mouthed sloppy kiss to the first person who riddles it out for me.

Update: Well, using another translator I was able to get much further:

"I have stolen pearls trying buio told armies believing to the quiet ones and hour that I forget history I run after the vague one that never I have truly conosciutoin"

Although that doesn't really make any more sense to me than the Italian gibberish I started with.....

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