Friday, November 03, 2006

Things That Mean Nothing - October 2006

Hello, and a happy Fall from everyone here at Slydesblog (which is really just me, since Earl packed up and headed out West.

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, but between my son’s birthday, my father visiting, and Halloween, I haven’t had a whole Hell of a lot of time for blogging. Hopefully, I can correct that in the near future….

Anyway, here are the just some of the more interesting things people searched the internet for last month, and ended up finding us…..

freaking funny
abby sciuto changes and we see a tattoo on her back
cao boi interviews cook island interviews vietnamese
chaz reingold pictures
chris daugtry marriage
chris guth
dodo hfpa
eva mendez actress naked
How much do Eyeglass Salesmen Make
halloween store in walt whitman
halloween store walt whitman mall


Some musings:

- For the third straight month, people have searched for something that is “freaking funny” and come here. “Freaking Funny”? Is that supposed to be some new hip-hop, pop-culture thing that I am painfully not aware of yet, and probably won’t be, until every middle-aged white person I know starts saying it? Sha-Nizzle! I’m just not getting why we keep getting hits on that phrase.

- Who the Hell is abby sciuto?

- Ditto on a "dodo hfpa" (or is that someone just being so damn lazy that they fall asleep at the keyboard smack dab in the middle of trying to search for the wily and elusive “Dodo bird of the Himalayas”?

- The crazy Vietnamese refuge from Survivor, Cao Boi, continues to draw people here. Go figure.

- "How much do Eyeglass Salesmen Make?" Way to aim high, dude. If only you had passed that grade school equivalency test, you could have been the store manager…..

See you next month, peeps……

Unsexy Update: God Love Wikepedia. Abby Sciuto is Pauley Perettes character's name on NCIS. I should have known.....

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