Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Sometimes, I just HATE the Internet.

Longtime Slydesbloggers might remember the Horror of our previous message forum. Way before I managed to figure out how the Hell to install our current one, our old forum was a true train wreck.

I developed this site in Microsoft Frontpage, and at the time, the only forums that I knew how to install were the ready-made Frontpage forums that came with the software.

In a word, they sucked.

It was a complete mess. Totally freeform, with all the posts all thrown into one looooooong list. No editing, no fonts, nothing. Hell, you couldn’t even break sentences into paragraphs!
What made things even worse, was that there was no type of registration at all. People just clicked the link, and posted whatever they wanted, and there was no way I could stop them. Within a few months, as the site got more and more popular, I was getting daily spam posts from everything from bestiality rape, to incest, to any number of other fun hobbies that I am pretty sure I will never bring up to my parents during dinner conversation. There was a point where I would spend the first 20 minutes of each day just deleting all the crap that was posted from the night before. That got old fast.

So, believe me when I say that when I was able to upgrade to our current forums, I was in bliss. Now a user has to register before they can post. They have to provide a valid email address, and must do the word-verification thingy before becoming a valid user.

For awhile, this was perfect and all was well. We went months without any spam on our boards.
Until this week.

I have no clue how these 12 year old geekazoids can code something that allows them to have an automated program that gets by the word verification, but that’s exactly what seems to be going on. This past week we have had an almost daily number of “new users” registering, and posting crap about all manner of naked activities. Being the prude that I am, I have been deleting these posts as fast as I see them.

Today I heard from someonewho told me that one of the spam posts she clicked on this morning installed some garbage on her pc. If anyone else got hit with that crap this morning, I am very sorry.

Cutting to the chase, if you see a new post in the forums about someone wanting to share his latest pics on the biggest penis he has ever seen, please don’t let curiosity kill the cat and DON’T CLICK IT, no matter how much you are into that sort of thing (This means YOU, Earl!).
In the interim, I think I have found a way to stop the losers from doing it again. So far, there have been no offending posts since I have updated the forums.

I WILL outgeek them.

Oh yes, I will.

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