Thursday, November 02, 2006

Leggo My Eko!

Oh No You DI--IN’T!

No way, ABC!

You DID NOT just kill off the best character on LOST last night!

I won’t accept it. I just won’t.

Mr. Eko was hands down my favorite character on that show, and what do they do?

They kill him off.

And it was a bad, bad death, people.

For anyone who didn’t see it (shame on you!), my favorite club-wielding, drug-dealing, killer priest was unmercifully slammed around the forest last night by the big smoke-monster-thingie that has plagued the castaways since the first episode.

I have to give the show props for continuing to brutally kill off their most popular characters. It leaves us viewers feeling like NO ONE on that show is safe, which is what makes is soooooo damn good.

But I’m still pissed…….

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