Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Survivor: Cook Islands - Weeks 5 & 6

The last 2 weeks of Survivor saw some interesting turns of events within the game, and not two, but THREE people voted off the show.

In week 5, the other survivors finally got sick and tired of Stephannie saying week after week how she wouldn’t mind being voted off, so she can go and eat something. She wasn’t even on the radar for getting voted off, but she just had to keep shooting her fool mouth off. In the end, the others finally accommodated her, and sent her ass packing to go and enjoy all the mashed potatoes she can handle.

Week 6 of the show threw in a twist, as the groups learned that each tribe would be voting someone out that week, no matter who won immunity. My guess is we will see this surprise double-elimination routine at least one more time before the show is over, since this year’s show began with a record-high total of 20 survivors, and the show still needs to wrap up in early December to have it’s finale during Sweeps week.

The first castaway to bite the Big One during week 6 was Cristina, the police officer from Los Angeles. Her constant bossing and complaining made her a really easy and obvious choice to go. From what I could see, her best 2 assets were the ones that you can readily see from the picture above. I am honestly surprised that she lasted as long as she did.

Week 6 also saw the end of arguably the biggest ‘character’ this year: the bizarre and off-center Cao Boi. This Vietnamese refugee has done everything to annoy the rest of his tribe, from making constant off-color Asian jokes, to using Asian voo-doo to help peoples headaches, to almost killing a baby bird by acting like an ass. The truly ironic thing about Cao Boi’s (pronounced Cowboy, if you can believe that) departure this week is that this was truly the first time since the show started that he made any sense. Wanting to get rid of anyone who could be secretly holding the hidden immunity idol, Cao Boi devised a plan where the rest of the tribe would split their votes during tribal council between two players who have had a chance to obtain the idol, thereby forcing the players to use it to save themselves. It actually was a decent plan, but the others just had had enough of him and sent him home.

Most importantly of all, my man Adam is still in the game.

Slyde’s current chance of winning….. 13:1.

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