Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Survivor: Cook Islands - Weeks 3 & 4

I didn’t write about Survivor last week for two very important reasons.

1 ) I was lazy
2 ) It kind of sucked

Last week was a completely forgettable episode. We said goodbye to Cecilia, and aside from her being a hottie-boom-bottie, there wasn’t really anything else more to say.

But this week we saw the surprise move of the loud-mouthed JP being knocked out of the game. At some point, years from now, far into the future of Reality TV, there will come a point where contestants on these shows have finally realized that, if they go on a show that’s all about winning people over, and act like a major league ass-clown, they are going to get voted off fast!

That’s exactly what happened to young JP this week. He sat around the camp all day, leaning back and chugging coconut juice while ordering the rest of the tribe to go get firewood and clean the place up. The women finally smartened up and said Enough is Enough of his crap and sent him packing. The pre-merge part of survivor is all about strength and endurance, so JP had to have been a World-Class jackass for his tribe to give him the boot this early.

Since my boy Adam is on that tribe, I am keeping my fingers crossed that this move doesn’t come back to bite the whole tribe in the ass.

This is serious stuff, people. I have 400 dollars on the line here!

Slyde’s current chance of winning….. 16:1.

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