Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Survivor: Cook Islands - Week 1

If you remember, I was handed Adam in my company Survivor pool, so even though he seems like a bit of an ass, I have to root for him and hope the rest of the cast doesn’t realize how stupid he is. I mean, at one point he almost lost the immunity challenge for his tribe because he couldn’t figure out how to put together a puzzle that looked like it had 4 pieces! Clearly, I should NOT be getting my hopes up.

This season of survivor certainly looks to have its share of characters.

There’s Jessica, the funky-looking roller-derby queen who, five minutes after landing on the island, accidentally lets the tribe’s only chickens escape into the wild.

We have Billy, the chubby ex-wrestler (his wrestling name was “Spanish Fly”), who looks like all he wants to do is sleep all day.

And let’s not forget Cao Boi (pronounced “Cowboy”), the Vietnamese refugee who sits around camp all day making Asian jokes and thinks he can cure headaches by giving people rug burns.

We have the requisite hotties Parvati and Candice. Candice, on an interesting side-note, looks about ready to jump my guy Adam’s bones after only 3 days on the island.

And this week we said goodbye to our first tribe mate, Sekou (pictured above). This guy just didn’t have a clue, but at least he had the funniest line of the night. Who can forget this exchange:

Sekou: “So, you really have to vote with us. I mean, who else is going to give us fire?”

Sundra: “But dude, you haven’t been able to make a fire.”

Sekou: “uh, yeah, but who is going to keep the fire going once we get some, huh? Me!”

Nice sales pitch, dude. They should hire you for public relations at Enron. No wonder you got the embarrassing title of first person booted off the island.

So, Adam may not win the million, but he might at least get lucky, which is more than I will be able to say after this is all over.

Tell me why the Hell I agreed to run this pool again?

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