Friday, August 11, 2006

TPS Reports

A friend of mine today sent me the little video below while I was comatose at work watching the clock tick down enough for me to fly home like a bat out of Hell, and although the video isn't much, and kind of silly, it still kinda resonated a chord with me:

Told ya it was silly. But damn did this stupid cover song make me think for a minute about my life.

If you have read this blog for any length of time, then you know that things at my job haven't been so great now for over a year. Our parent company has basically driven us down into the ground under the heel of its big corporate boot, and we are pretty much gasping for air waiting for someone to pull the plug. Clients are leaving us in droves, we continue to have monthly layoffs, and the threat of my job forcing me to commute into NYC instead of my current almost-embarrassingly-easy 10 minute commute is growing with each passing month.

The company really is doomed. The question remains, why do I stay? Why do I sit in my cubicle day after day, much like the mindless zombie in the song above, just ticking off the minutes until someone makes the decision for me to leave for me?

I don't know. It's probably a mixture of a) Them paying me really well to sit on my ass all day and surf the web, b) When I get down to it, I'm really pretty damn lazy, and c) Did I mention they pay me really well for doing almost nothing?

I keep telling myself I will stick out the year, and see what 2007 has to offer me. And who knows? I may actually generate enough drive to really do just that. But I am going to HAVE to do something soon.

I just need to learn to stop coming to work nude before I start going on interviews again......

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