Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Things That Mean Nothing - July 2006

Hello websurfers! Here’s hoping everyone’s Summer is going swimmingly (get it? Summer? Swimming-ly? I spent all day coming up with that).

A couple items before we dive in to July’s searches that resulted in people finding us here at SLYDESBLOG:

Item 1 – Thank you to everybody who helped make July our 8TH CONSECUTIVE MONTH WITH AN INCREASE IN READERSHIP. After a very slow first week in July (which I guess I should attribute to the July 4th weekend/week where a lot of people weren’t around), we really bounced back and ended with a slight increase this month in readers. That’s great! I’ve said this before, but I directly rate my self-worth on how many people are reading this garbage, so if you care at all about my state of mind, friends, please link to me on your great sites and keep spreading the word.

Item 2 – As some of you saw this morning, we seem to have finally been hit with some spam postings on our message boards. Either that, or REAL-LIFE hot stripper-girls visited here at 4am last night and posted about their personal top 20 favorite porn and bestiality websites. Needless to say, I got rid of the offending material. As annoying as it was to see that garbage here this morning, it actually kind of made me happy that we have become visible enough to warrant pervs hitting this site and posting that crap. I’ve hit the big time, Dad…..

Item 3 – My message boards suck. I know this. You know this. The bestiality perverts now know this. Hellen Keller probably even had a clue about it. As most of you know, I have wanted to do something about the message boards for some time, but general web design inexperience and major laziness have continued to confound me at every step. The EASY solution would be to just go over to E-Blogger, but call me old fashioned, Dagnabbit, but I enjoy using Frontpage and I love having the freedom to design my website completely as I see fit.

So, where does that leave us? Well, I have been looking at various web forum posting packages that might be able to link into this site, and upgrade from the near incomprehensible message boards we have now to something, well, better. I am currently checking out Fantastico, and think it may fit the bill. I just have to learn how the Hell to program this, and we might end up having a solution that works for everyone before long. If you know anything about Fantastico, please write in. Otherwise keep your fingers crossed, and if I end up deleting the message boards again while I try to work on this, don’t blame me!

Anyway, posted below are the top 20 items that people searched for last month and ended up finding Slydesblog. Notice that I said “top 20”. Since this is the first month that the actual searches went waaaay past 20, I discovered that my web hosting company only records the top 20 searches. But rest assured, we had at least another 20 inane entries beyond what is presented below:

pauley -Name Removed - nude
pauley -Name Removed - naked
pauley -Name Removed - pics
pauley -Name Removed - nude pics
kim director naked
chris daugtry
pauley -Name Removed - photos
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denise richards lesbian action
eva mendez naked
pauley -Name Removed - naked pics
rant and rave blog
abby sciuto naked
alba naked pics free
alyssa milano pics
american naked sexy pics
brenda gethers ny
brenna gethers naked
chaz reingold photos

Not too much to poke fun at this month:

- The onslaught of people coming here expecting to find naked pictures of Pauley Perette continue to be our top draw. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at that.

- Also still big on the list are American Idol contestants and a naked assortment of other actresses.

- To the handful of people who were searching for “denise Richards lesbian action”, I sincerely hope you found what you are looking for, and if you did, could you pass it along please?
And that’s our July roundup. Thanks again for stopping by. We’ll keep the light on for ya……

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