Monday, August 07, 2006

Free At Last! Free At Last!

If this isn't your first time here, then you have no doubt been treated to the crappiness that is my message forum. It's just about the worst piece of garbage that FrontPage would let me program in, but it really is the best I could do.

At least, it WAS the best I could do. I have been pulling my hair out all weekend trying to get a new discussion board up and running, and I think I may have finally gotten something that will fit the bill for us. Honestly, I think it's pretty damn sweet, if I do say so myself.

For now, I have turned the registration off, because personally I can't friggin' STAND it when I want to post a quick question to some new forum that I have never been to before, and before I am able to, they send me through this whole rigmarole of filling out my life story, getting confirmation emails, and selling my first-born. So, for now, we will be completely free-form like we were previously. But I'm warning you guys: If I start getting daily spam from these losers trying to sell me a barrel full of Viagra (how much of the Damn stuff do I need, anyway?), or links to gorilla porn, then I'm going to have to turn the registration on. Hopefully, it wont come to that.

So, do me a favor and check out the new forum linked below. I'm sure I'll have some bugs for the next few days, but I will do my darnedest to try to clean it up.

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