Saturday, July 01, 2006

Things That Mean Nothing - June 2006

First off: In case anyone didn't see my message from yesterday, I archived the last 3 months of articles (you can see them in the Archives section), but while doing so, ended up deleting all the message boards. Kinda sucks, but them's the breaks. I wonder if ever has technical difficulties like this. probably not.


It's that time again, where I treat you all to the fabtabulous listing of items people searched the web for, and ended up finding Slydesblog, for the month of June.

Let's get right to it....

pauley -Name Removed - pics
pauley -Name Removed - naked
pauley -Name Removed - nude
pauley -Name Removed - nude pics
chris daugtry
chris daugtry record
brenna gethers pics
abby sciuto pictures
actresses naked pics
blogs rant and rave
blonde hot tub naked pics
blue agave weber wanted in australia
bob beauchamp
cute poolboy pics
kim director naked
mandisa porn pics
my slyde
naked eva mendez pics
naked honeymoon pics

My analysis:

- Internet perverts hoping against hope to see some naked pics of Pauley -Name Removed - continue to swarm the site. I mean, we got HUNDREDS of hits on her this month alone. Earl mentioned earlier in the month that I should probably stop mentioning the hits we keep getting on Pauley -Name Removed - naked, using the logic that if we stop referring to it, the influx of people coming here looking for it will finally start to taper off. I decided to listen to Earl on this one and stop mentioning Pauley Perrett naked, and then I decided to NOT listen to Earl and mention Pauley -Name Removed - naked any Damn time I feel like it. If people keep coming here looking for it, then so be it. Pauley -Name Removed - naked! Pauley -Name Removed - naked! Pauley -Name Removed - naked! So there!

- The people who came here looking for "actesses naked pics" really need to be more discriminating. You mean you are up for ANY actress naked? So Bea Arthur naked will do? What kind of sick fetish is that? Pick somebody, for God's sakes! Anybody! Just how damn lazy are you people?

- Ditto for "naked honeymoon pics". Anyone's honemoon? Really? How about Star Jones' Honeymoon? I think she had it at the local Taco Bell.

- If someone can explain to me what the Hell "blue agave weber wanted in Australia" means, please, I'm all ears.....

- To whoever was looking for "my slyde", that's so sweet. You just made be blush :)

- "cute poolboy pics?". Earl, I told you to stop searching for that garbage. How many damn poolboys do you need, anyway?

- And finally, "Mandisa Porn pics"????? Blech! Although it's a neck and neck race, I think I'd rather spy the poolboy pics if you still have 'em Earl.....

There were some other searches, but honestly they were pretty sick and twisted, so I yanked them from the list. The kind of people who were looking for THAT kind of stuff (it was illegal, immoral and repulsive, trust me) I CAN do without.

That's it for this month folks. Again a HUGE thank you! SLYDESBLOG almost DOUBLED our daily visitors for the month of June!!! That is HUGE! We are now standing proudly with 7 consecutive months of increased readership.

For all of my new friends linking to me, visiting here, and generally spreading the word... thanks a bunch! It's mucho appreciated!

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