Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rico Suave

Well, it's July 4th here in the good ol' U.S. of A, and we just said our goodbyes to the last of our outdoor BBQ guests that we had here today. Good food, good friends, strong alcohol, and some cool fireworks displays. Overall, a pretty good time.

So after coming down from a good day, what better way than to end things than to rip into someone...........

This news is a tad old, but anyway, thanks to one of my best internet buds in the universe ANNA, for sending me THIS link earlier in the week.

Yeah, I laughed my ass off for 20 minutes when I first read that too. Take your time and compose yourself. I can wait......

Better now? Good.

Anyway, long time Slydesbloggers will know that I have a soft spot for Mr. Knight Rider, because he's just so damn cool. And this story just might be the coolest of his career.
Things that I LOVE about this story:

- Hasselhof hit his head on a chandelier. Excuse me? Was he wearing stilts? How the frig do you hit your head on a chandelier?

- This happened when he was shaving at a gym. A GYM? You show me a gym that has a Damn Chandelier hanging in it, and I will show you a building that is in desperate need to be carpet bombed. Don't even get me started that he was SHAVING at the time. Shaving, which implies he was in the locker room. A chandelier in the LOCKER ROOM? Where does he work out, the Palace of Versais?

- After hitting his head and breaking the chandelier, pieces of glass somehow managed to achieve a velocity fast enough to go ripping thru his tendons. Let's see.... he broke the chandelier with his head, but by the time the glass fell 2 feet to his hand, it was moving at Warp Factor 5? How the Hell does that happen?

The whole thing just sounds fishy to me. I can't be the only one, either...

Anyway, Here's hoping all my friends out there in the Cyberverse are having a happy Independence Day. Don't go an lose any fingers playing with fireworks, now. It totally ruins your blogging abilities......

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