Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lazy Days Of Summer

I love the summer. Always have, and always will.

I’m sure my initial fondness for the season probably started when I was a wee little lad, and the summer months meant an escape from the tyranny of school, lazy days in the pool with my friends, and vacations with my family. Summer is the only time of year when kids really don’t have one damn care in the world.

I remember my mother always used to tell me that her favorite times of year were the Fall, when the leaves would change, and the Spring, when the leaves would start to grow. I also remember looking at her like she was crazy when she said that. “Leaves? I don’t have school for TWO MONTHS! Who gives a fig about leaves????”

Now that I am older, I HAVE begun to appreciate those other seasons for what they have to offer, but I guess I am still too much of a child inside because summer still ranks as number ONE in my book.

Summer has become to mean something else to me, however, as I have gotten older. No, there is no more school to ditch during the summer, and God knows that work sucks just as much in the summer as any other time, but summer still brings me a sense of escape, and fun.

For one thing, I watch almost ZERO TV in the summer. It Sounds like an inconsequential step towards freedom, I know, but when you get hooked on as many shows as I tend to be (Damn you, Reality TV!), television really starts to eat into your free time. Hardly having the TV on during the summer is my first little step on escaping during these months. After the month of May with all the damn 2-hour season finales and such, it actually is a bit jarring to NOT have anything to watch at night. It takes a few weeks to get used to, but it’s a nice change of pace that I will miss come September.

Secondly, I am outside doing SOMETHING every day during the summer (or at least I try to). From chillin’ in my pool, floating around at midnight while plugged into my IPOD, to reading in my hammock, to taking tons of day trips in my convertible, to nightly kite-flying sessions with my son at the local park, to even just sitting outside and watching the sun go down on another hot summer day, I try to infuse the summer months with as much outdoor-ness, and as much fun and relaxation, as I can.

I guess somewhere deep in the back of my thirty-something mind, these simple activities regress me to a simpler, nostalgic era, to a time when my most pressing problem was who’s pool I was going to play in tomorrow.

In short, summer STILL makes me feel like a kid again, even though the days of me BEING a kid have long since passed me by.

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