Monday, July 24, 2006

Arbitrary Crap

By B.E. Earl

Hey kids! Nothing special today, but some random bits o’ light stuff on a day when the Middle East is still on the brink of destruction and the temperatures here at home races towards triple digits.

1) I think that I have decided on a design for my next tattoo. My first tattoo on my lower leg is a combination of my family’s crest from Ireland along with a depiction of a Greater Bird of Paradise (similar to the big guy in the middle of this). I love it lots and really want to get another, so I think I have settled on a pattern based on the triskele. Mine would be a Celtic variation of the three conjoined spirals that dot much of the ancient world’s imagery. I’m particularly fond of this version which incorporates jasmine into the original design. I’ve just got to work up the nerve to actually go and get it as I want on the inside of my wrist and I know that it is going to hurt like a son-of-a-bitch.

2) President Bush is really starting to get angry at the conflict in the Middle East. So much so that he was forced to use strong language in what he thought was a closed mike conversation with Tony Blair. He feels that Syria should be getting on Hezbollah to “stop doing this shit”. Don’t know how to say that in Arabic, but I betcha there is a bunch of folks over there saying the same thing about us and our fearless leader.

3) Starting to plan my annual early December vacation to Key West. Can’t seem to get enough of that little island. It’s always a blast and picking out a house to rent is one of my favorite pre-vacation activities. We haven’t been disappointed yet, although one of the houses we stayed in was a little too close to the “gay section” of town for the likes of one of my more homophobic friends. Yeah…right! Can’t swing a dead cat by the tail in Key West without running into a lesbian bar or a drag queen. That’s half the fun! Sometimes we think he doth protest too much, if you know what I mean.

4) There is a new book just printed called Doolittle about the album by the same name from The Pixies. Hey, it’s a great album folks. One of my favorites, but did someone really need to write 121 pages about it? But, ya know, if anyone was thinking about buying it for me, they can check it out here.

5) Jimmy Buffett tickets went on sale the other day for his September show in NYC at Madison Square Garden. Ho-hum. This used to be a religious observance for me. Logging on bright and early the day tix go on sale in hopes of catching lightening in a bottle and coming up with floor seats. Sorry! No more. I guess that since I have seen him perform in small venues (Guild Hall in East Hampton…300+ seats!), large venues (MSG), beach venues (The theater at Jones Beach) and even on Duval Street in Key West my desire to see him live has diminished drastically. I mean I still feel as if “I’m growing older, but not up” so my need to party hasn’t slackened. Maybe I have moved on from my parrot-head youth, or maybe I’ve just seen it all when it comes to JB. Either way, it’s still a little sad for me that I really don’t care.

6) That Youtube stuff is great. Especially those weird little movie reviews of Titanic, Jaws and Superman Returns done in haiku format. Have you seen those yet, Slyde? Slyde? Do you know how to find them on the site? SLYDE? Just curious.

7) My five-year old nephew is a bit of a prick. Sounds harsh, doesn’t it? Doesn’t diminish my uncle-y love for the kid. I’m just saying that he really knows how to push buttons and he has got a ton of issues regarding appropriate and non-appropriate behavior. He’s also relentless when it comes teasing his cousins, both younger and older. As probably the most physically gifted of the lot, he comes out on top just about all of the time in his tussles with them. But one day they are going to deliver the beat-down that he so rightfully deserves. That’s okay, he’s got it coming. You see, he’s a bit of a prick.

Let me finish up by saying that Slyde is very disappointed in all of you for not coming by as much this month as you have in months past. I blame it on myself for not posting as much, but please feel free to blame Syria. There must be some kind of correlation between their backing of Hezbollah and the low readership of Slyde’s Blog. Right? They’ve just simply got to stop doing this shit!

Editor's Note: We're not experiencing low numbers this month, you tool. We just arent blowing the doors off last months numbers like we have been doing the past 6 months or so. As of yesterday we are actually exactly even with last month.

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