Monday, June 05, 2006

Things That Mean Nothing - May 2006

It’s that time again! For anyone new, each month I share with everyone any of the keywords that people trolling the Internet used and ended up finding Slydesblog.

I have to say, this month you guys really outdid yourselves.

pauley -Name Removed - pics
pauley p. naked
pauley -Name Removed - naked
pauley -Name Removed - photos
brenna gethers pics
brenna gethers sexy pics
brenna gethers sucks
brenna gethers' mother
naked pictures brenna gethers
chris daugtry
chris daugtry photos
kim director naked
\kim director\ naked
christian alba naked
eva mendez naked
alyssa milano honeymoon pics
abby sciuto pictures
freaking funny
carotid piece of crap
buttafucco bio

First, the Good news: For our SIXTH consecutive month, Slydesblog has markedly increased its readership numbers from its previous month. That is WAY cool, and much appreciated, all! The problem now lies in the fact that I have begun to EXPECT this type of monthly increase. The first month where our readership declines is likely to send me into a near-suicidal depression. So please, give generously. Tell your friends. Link to me! I demand it! I gotta keep riding out this power trip that I’m on as long as I’m able…..

Next, the Bad news: Please People, I beseech you to stop searching for pictures of Brenda Gethers. Or Brenda Gethers Naked. Or Brenda Gether’s Mom, for God sakes (who ARE you sickos?). And for whatever road-scholar out there who was searching for the biography of Long Island’s own Joseph “Dickhead” Buttafucco, please leave now. I don’t need readers THAT badly....

Then, the Ugly: As you can see from the table above, there doesn’t seem to be any halting to the massive surge of perverts out there who are dieing to see Pauley -Name Removed - and Kim Director naked. Seriously guys, I had hundreds of hits on those 2 chicks alone.

Lastly, readers from last month might recall that I attempted a small experiment, after noticing that my mentioning of just about any actress in Hollywood will without fail send people here looking for pictures of them naked. As an experiment, I listed some actresses’ names to see if it could act as bait to catch me some more readers. As you can see from the table above, it kind of worked.

Far be it from me to stoop to those crass levels again, just to appease my cyber ego and get more readers. Honestly, I am ashamed of my actions. In that regard, I pledge that from this point on, Slydesblog will never again make mention of Eva Mendez Naked!. Nor will you ever again see me utter statements like Kirsten Dunst Naked!, Rachel Mcadams Nude!, or Lindsey Lohan Nude Lesbian 3some!, ever again on this site. On the contrary, this site will heretofore be known for its integrity in the area of Journalism, and not for any crass mention of Naomi Watts Naked!, Liv Tyler Naked Hot Tub Pics!, Paris Hilton Naked Orgy Pics!, or even Jenny McCarthy, Neve Cambell, and Denise Richards Naked Taking A Bubble Bath Together!. No, it just will NOT be done.

I have morals, people. Look for your smut elsewhere…….

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