Monday, June 05, 2006

Snakes On A Plane

If you troll around on the internet as much as I do, chances are you have heard of the upcoming Samuel Jackson movie Snakes On A Plane. It's a movie about, well, terrorists who put hundreds of poisonous snakes on a plane, in order to hijack it.

The movie, while I'm sure will turn out to be a huge pile of crap, has been the topic of massive internet rumor and talk for the past 6 months since the title got leaked. Seriously. For some reason, the hype on this movie is reaching epidemic proportions.

It all started a year ago, when Jackson said in an interview that he literally signed on to do the movie before reading the script, because he LOVED the movie's name. This is the one part of the story I CAN believe, since Sam Jackson hasn't picked a movie that HASN'T sucked, since Pulp Fiction.

But I digress. This article really has nothing to do with Sam Jackson, or how many crappy movies he can squeeze out a year.

Check out THIS link. I'm not sure who this comedian is, but his take on what the auditions for Sam's role in Snakes On A Plane could have been like, is probably one of the funniest things I have seen in weeks. His Joe Pesci impression almost made me pee my pants.

Did I say "almost"? I think I need to change my clothes now......

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