Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pixie Dust

I REALLY am trying to have at least one article a week here, to keep the ever-increasing masses coming back for more. The problem is that most of the time when I come up with an idea to write about, the more I think about it, I quickly decide, “Who Cares?”, and scrap the whole idea.

But I HAVE been wanting to mention one of my latest obsessions, so this is as good a time as any.

If you are a regular here, you might have noticed that I have been developing a not-so-healthy obsession with YOUTUBE.COM. For those not in the know, Youtube is a relatively new website where you can upload videos of anything (and I mean ANYTHING!) for the world to see, share, link to, and comment on. The site has really taken off, getting thousands of hits a day now. I surf there almost daily, looking at truly the most bizarre stuff you could ever imagine. It’s great fun!

Anyway, my latest Youtube obsession is THIS.

Years ago, I remember EARL telling me about this great new alternative band, the Pixies. The thing is, Earl was ALWAYS telling me about some alternative band that I had never heard of, so like most things Earl tells me, I ignored him.

But since finding this link on Youtube, I have gotten to really like the Pixies, and this song in particular. I might even go so far as to say I have become obsessed with the song. It has quickly made its way to one of my most-played songs on my IPOD.

And I am far from alone. This video, made by 2 Israeli high-school girls, is one of the most popular clips on Youtube. It has been watched somewhere around six million times now. I searched the net and found that these girls have already become semi-famous back in Israel, netting themselves appearances on quite a number of news and variety shows. They have become quite the pop-icons here in the States, as well. If you are a Kevin Smith fan, click THIS link to see Silent Bob himself copycatting it (and promoting the upcoming Clerks 2)..

But all this Youtubing is beginning to inspire me. I think I need to put a video up there, and see what kind of reaction it gets. Now comes the daunting task of actually coming up with something to record that someone might actually find amusing. Any ideas?

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