Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Things That Mean Nothing - April 2006

It's that time again. I hope you guys find this stuff half as interesting as I do, because I honestly find it freakin' fascinating!

Before I present the list of things people searched on and ended up finding Slydesblog.com for the month of April, I just wanted to again say thanks to all you readers, new and old. April 2006 was our 3rd straight month where we blew the old record of total visits for the month out of the water. If you guys keep this up, I might yet see a way to turn this site into a way to retire by 40.....

Anyway, here are the more interesting things people searched on to get to us in April (since we've been getting more and more hits each month, I am going to start culling out the lame ones) ....

kim director
kim director photos
kim director naked
pauley -Name Removed -
is pauley -Name Removed - attractive
pauley -Name Removed - naked
naked pics of pauley -Name Removed -
american idol forum for parris bennett
brenna gethers pics
brenna gethers naked
chris daugtry

Now, more than ever, this month's stats tells me a few things:

Apparently, all I need to do to get more people stopping by this site is to mention any halfway-sexy Hollywood personality, and like flies to crap, we'll get some perverts stopping by hoping we have nudie pics of them.

Likewise, people still seem to be finding us looking for American Idol news, or better yet, American Idol naked news. Thank god no one has yet searched for "Mandisa Naked Pics". For that, I thank you.

Finally, in the interest of amassing even MORE perverts to visit this site, I think an experiment is in order. To my loyal readers, please disregard the following red paragraph. I'm just throwing out some chum into the cyber-waters, to see how many pervs take the bait:

Angelina Jolie naked pics! Jessica Alba naked pics! Jennifer Aniston naked pics! Eva Mendez naked pics! Alyssa Milano naked pics! Jennifer Lopez naked pics! Sarah Michelle Gelar naked pics! Penelope Cruz naked pics! Shannon Elizibeth naked pics! Elizabeth Hurely naked pics! Charlize Theron naked pics! Elisha Cuthbert naked pics! Cast of Survivor Naked pics! American Idol naked Orgy pics! Brad Pitt naked pics(That last one's for you, Earl).

Let's see what we can troll up with that net of nakedness. If this works, we can make this an ongoing monthly feature where people can send me suggestions to print, and i'll give out an awesome super-secret prize (i.e., nothing), to whoever's suggestion nets us the most new viewers...

What can I say... i'm bored....

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