Monday, May 01, 2006

Anchors Away!

This Thursday morning, I am leaving for a 9 day boat cruise. We will be leaving from Manhattan, and sailing down to San Juan, Tortola and St. Martin.

I know you guys have become accustomed to the Blitzkrieg of articles I post every day, but you are just going to have to relax and read the archives for a few days until I get back, when I’m sure to be posting a recap of my trip, with pics, and general hilarity abounding.

This vacation is a big deal for us. It is the first time we will have been away for more than a weekend, since our honeymoon almost 7 years ago. I am totally stoked.

I am also a bit of a prick.

My wife, although looking forward to the trip, is slightly uneasy at the thought of being out to sea (this is her first cruise. Mine too, but I’m not a pansy!). Because I wanted to play the role of the caring, nurturing husband, I decided to try to help my wife get over her nautical phobias….

This weekend, I rented The Poseidon Adventure, Titanic, Ghost Ship, and Jaws for good measure. I think that putting my wife through watching 10 hours of general Maritime Hijinx should desensitize her towards any mishaps that could possibly befall us on our journey.

Plus, my movie selections this weekend should have her now properly prepared and educated, in the possible, but admittedly rare event that our luxury liner is haunted, hits an iceberg, then flips over and sinks into shark-infested waters…..

Hey, it’s Tough Love, people!…..

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