Thursday, April 06, 2006

 Take This Job And Shove It

Tomorrow morning, the place where I work will be laying off 50-75 people.

I really wish I could work up enough emotions to care, or be concerned, but try as I might, I just cant.

As a company, we have all known about this impending doom for about 3 months now. The date keeps getting moved back, and changed, then moved back again, but we all have known it was going to happen since Christmas. Having knowledge like that really helps foster a nice warm feeling around the office (especially during the holidays!).

It isn’t as if this if the first time we have experienced this kind of thing either. Nope, this will be Layoff Day # 4 since our company was sold to a huge conglomerate back in 2001 (the 2nd in the past 12 months). So maybe we are all just getting used to it.

Back before 2001, we had close to 500 employees here, and after tomorrow (if the Voices of Doom prove accurate), between the layoffs and people just getting so damn sick and tired of waiting for the axe to fall that they quit, we will be somewhere around 220 or so. That is a staggering statistic to me. If someone from the future had come back and told me in 2001 how this company would look after tomorrow, I would have wracked my brain trying to fathom what level of incompetence would be needed to displace that many people's lives in so short of a time, to turn what was once a VERY successful company here on Long Island to a cubicle wasteland?
In all honesty, the worst part isn’t even the friends who I will be saying goodbye to tomorrow, but the other people (3 in the last month), who just can’t take the aggravation anymore and have decided to move on before they get whacked.

I wish I had THAT kind of initiative to just move on, or maybe I just need to be more pessimistic, which is really weird because I am the most pessimistic person I know. The glass is ALWAYS half-empty with me.

Which makes my decision to stay here and ride out this storm very strange for me. This was such a good company, back in the day. A GREAT company; the best I have ever worked for, bar none. The executives really cared about their employees. Raises were plentiful, and bonuses and perks abounded.

But those good ol’ days have long left us. After we were acquired by good old MEGA-BIG-BUSINESS-AND-PROFITS-FIRST Corporation, it didn’t take long for us to just be another number in the machine.

Maybe my not caring about what happens here tomorrow is a direct reaction to the repeated layoffs and walkouts, where friends I have known and worked with for over 10 years continue to do the Bunny-Hop out the door, while fewer and fewer of us stay here to hold down the fort. Maybe at this point I have pretty much desensitized myself to the horrible feeling of what it could feel like to lose your job.

Word on the grapevine is telling me I should again skate thru tomorrow's purging untouched, but I hold nothing I hear anymore with any real weight. If it happens, it happens. At any rate, maybe I should start looking at the glass as half full? Without work, I could REALLY start posting more articles! And sleep late! Yeah, I think I’m getting the hang of this positive outlook thing now!

And if it DOES happen, maybe that will give me the final kick in the ass I needed to get out there and pursue all of my lifelong dreams.

Hey, does Hugh Hefner need a poolboy?Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow.

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