Friday, March 31, 2006

Things You Could Care Less About

Hi people. Just a few quick site updates (numbered because it makes it look so much more important than it is...)

1) As I said last week, I felt it was time to archive all the stories that were on the main page. You can find them in the ARCHIVE section to the left.

2) I know I said I was going to keep the old message board around, even after the archive, but I changed my mind. The old message board has been archived along with the old stories, and we'll start fresh again.

3) I'm going to try something a little different with the fresh message board. After I post a new story, I'll create a topic in the message board for that story, so people can post under that story, and all related posts will stay in one spot, all nice and cozy-like. Some people have emailed saying that they found the old way we did things to be a bit confusing when they were trying to read the posts for a particular article. This should fix that. Now stop bothering me!

4) This month I got some ideas on revamping the message board completely (I really mean it this time!), maybe by using a 3rd party package. Whether I attempt to make the switch or not depends entirely on how much Reality TV I end up watching this month.

5) With Lisa Tucker leaving American Idol this week, my Reality-TV street cred might have taken a slight hit. I DID pick the plucky young lass to not get to the end, but had guessed that she would be hanging around slightly longer. Overall, however, I still say my original picks (which you can see in the archive section) are still eerily accurate!

5) Thanks to all you loyal Slydebloggers out there that made March 2006 our most-viewed month EVER! I mean we really blew away our old record this month. It warms the cockles of my heart, whatever the hell a cockle is (it sounds dirty). Seriously, thanks so much for your continued support. Hopefully March will just be a stepping stone for an even more-visited April.

Peace, Love, and all that stuff.....

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