Friday, March 31, 2006

Things That Mean Nothing - March 2006

If you have visited before, you know that for some reason I have a sick fascination with the search strings people type into their browsers and end up finding Slydesblog. Since I find it so enthralling, of course i am self-centered enough to believe that you all could give a rat's ass about it as well.

So, presented below are the searches that people used and happened upon our site in March.....

joseph buttafucco biography
chris daugtry
chris daugtry music feature:audio
naked pics of brenna gethers

Now, this tells me a few things....

1) I need to stop talking about the TV-version-of-a-train-wreck-that-is-American-Idol, because as much as i want people to come here and peruse the sight, that fact that people have come here because of it has given me a serious case of the Heebie-Jeebies

2) I don't know what scares me more... the fact that someone was searching for the life and times of that Ass-Clown Buttafucco, or that someone was looking for naked pictures of an annoying American Idol reject.

p.s. If anyone DOES happen to find the aforementioned naked pictures, please forward them to me post-haste. I am currently writing my doctorate on the socio-political ramifications of pop culture personalities on today's youth. Yeah, right, that's it. It's research, dammit!

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