Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I know, I know. I haven’t posted in a bit. Do you guys really want me to post something, if I have nothing to say?

Anyway, I still don’t. But I thought at least that I would give everyone some site updates, and make it seem like we actually have some new content for the site.

Item #1 – I hope you all have been watching American Idol, only to look on in unabashed reverence for my skills at picking this year’s winner. Almost to a “T”, the contestants I picked a few weeks ago to be eliminated early have all gone the way of the dodo. Since last I wrote, Ayla, Kinnik, Gedeon, Will, and Melissa have all been eliminated. I expect you all to keep eagerly tuning in to see just how damn Omnipotent I really am….

Item #2 – This front page is started to get a little long in the tooth. When March wraps up, I will be moving the past 3 months of stories over to the archive section, and starting fresh. Since the message board isn’t NEARLY as long as the main page, ill probably be leaving the existing message board attached to the new page rather than start with a new message board. I’d like to say that I think web-wise this move makes more sense than starting a new message board, but I’ll own up to the fact that it’s just a pain in the ass to make a new board, and I’m feeling lazy.

Item # 3 – I know our message board isn’t too hot. That’s a nice way of saying it sucks. Soon I will probably be looking at a new posting scheme, and maybe some new software. Just bare with it for now ok? I have too much Reality TV to watch to make any real headway here.

That's it for now.

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