Saturday, March 11, 2006


Chances are, if you surf the web HALF as much as I do, then you might have seen this already, since I believe this has, as of this week, become the current top download on the internet, but I think it's pretty damn funny, and really cool, so I thought I'd link to it as well.

Personally, I love the Simpsons, and have since it's inception. After all these years, it still manages to stay topical, and smart, and wickedly funny.

Now, when this link first surfaced on the net, rumor ran rampant about what exactly this was from. A live-action Simpsons TV-show? A live-action movie?

Alas, the answer is nothing so exciting. This was merely an extremely clever advert that is currently running in the UK to advertise the show. But the advertising company, getting some positive feedback from the promo, saw an opportunity and started circulating it on the web, where it has caught on like wildfire.

Nothing much else to say about it, except I think it's cool as Hell.

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