Saturday, February 04, 2006

Things That Mean Nothing - January 2006

I am well aware that I am most likely the only person who finds this the least bit interesting, but last month I posted all the search strings people typed into their search engines (like Yahoo! or Google) for the month, and happened upon our humble site. Since, as I said I find this data interesting, going forward I'll probably keep posting it at the end of each month.

So, without any further preamble, here are the things people searched for, and ended up finding Slydesblog, in January:

2005 fantasy fest pictures
fantasy fest
fantasy fest 2005 pictures
fantasy fest mature
owen wilson cocksman
fantasy fest personal pictures

Now, this data tells me 2 very important things:

1) I should pay Earl a higher salary (at least better than $0.00/year anyway), since almost all of our hits this month came from stories he contributed.

2) You are all a bunch of perverts, since over 70% of our hits were from people who were looking for pictures of a festival where old men walk around with black socks covering their wieners.

I'm not sure which fact scares me more.

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