Thursday, December 29, 2005

Things That Mean Nothing

As part of the service I get from the company that hosts this site, they provide me statistics and such on how many people come to the site each day, what page you all are spending the most time looking at, how many hits I get per nano-second, that sort of thing.

Normally, I don't have too much interest in those things, except that I am happy to see that the number of people hitting the site each month is slowly climbing. Way to go, guys!

But one item in my statistics reporting always makes me laugh. There is one part of the report that shows me what people have words or phrases people have searched for using sites like Google or Yahoo or the like to get to this site.

Keep in mind that, much like the title of this post, most of these mean absolutely nothing, but it gives me a chuckle to see what people were searching for and got HERE, of all places!
So without any more preamble, here are the phrases that people have searched for (since we re-launched in June) and found SlydesBlog:

chaz reingold photo
chaz reingold
keir o'donnell as todd cleary fans
yoakum video vaughn
chaz reingold pic
chaz reingold picture
chaz reingold wedding crashers
average amount wedding at oheka castle
b.e. earl slyde
i'm not perfect but who are we kidding neither are you
land of the dead cro subtitles
oheka castle the others
top.grossing.horror.films 90's sucks
hallows end est subtitles
best snapes of river sides
jane seymour wedding crasher pictures
weekend at bernie's momma let go
fantasy fest 2005 pictures

Again, I'm not about to propose that any of this means anything (Hell, some of these searches don't even make sense, you sickos!), except maybe that I should probably thank B.E. Earl for mentioning Chaz Reingold in his Wedding Crashers review since it seems to have gotten us about 50 percent of the people who came here!

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