Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Even A Stopped Clock Is Right Twice A Day

B.E. Earl dragged me to see Serentiy last week.

Now, although I have the same love of Star Wars that any geeky 30-something has, I am not nutso for the science fiction genre. I enjoyed the classic Star Treks, and have seen them all (I thought each successive Trek series was worst than the last though).

As such, I had never watched FIrefly during the brief time it was on TV, or knew much of anything about it, except it was a sci-fi series and the internet geeks seemed to love it.
So when Earl, who had been raving about the series asked me to go, I met him with a lukewarm response at best.

But I must say, Earl finally hit one on the head here.

Quite simply, Serenity rocked! It was quite possibly the best sci-fi movie I have seen since, oh I dunno, maybe Aliens?

I liked it so much, for all the reasons Earl mentioned below, that I am now eagerly watching each episode of the Firefly series (which I am also loving) on DVD.

I just had to chime in, with nothing of any real note to say, except to give Earl his due. He wouldn't know a good horror move from a teletubbies marathon, but the boy can spot good science fiction when he sees it.

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